Netherlands Silent Film Festival

Fûun jôshi

Admission fee: € 10,-

Friday 12 January 2024


Fûun jôshi




Pand P, Grote Zaal Eindhoven


€ 10,-


Elizabeth Jane Baldry


In the heart of ancient Japan, the young samurai warrior Shinhachi returns home after three years of service in the capital. In search of his fiancée Chigusa, he comes to the shocking realisation that she has been appointed as a concubine for the prince. The inner struggle that erupts between his strong sense of duty and the love of his life is complicated even more when he is accused of treason.

Produced by Teinosuke Kinugasa, this costume drama (jidai geki) about a warrior unable to marry the woman he loves and the treachery and conspiracies that follow within his samurai clan creates great tension between good and evil, duty and treason. Nevertheless, it never ceases on beauty and poetry, with incredible camerawork and design, gorgeous tinting and precisely choreographed fight sequences, it is a marvel to behold.


English title: Castle of Wind and Clouds

Director: Toko Yamazaki

Year: 1928

Production Country: Japan

Cast: Chôjirô Hayashi, Akiko Chihaya, Myoichiro Ozawa, Ippei Sôma, Sôroku Kazama, Yoshie Nakagawa, Yukiko Ogawa, Shinkuro Masamune

Duration: 61 min