Netherlands Silent Film Festival


Admission fee: € 12,50

Saturday 13 January 2024






Pand P, Grote Zaal Eindhoven


€ 12,50


Maud Nelissen (piano) & Elizabeth-Jane Baldry (harp)


A program dedicated to women in front of and behind the camera who remain understudied, unrecognized, or completely unknown. It highlights a selection of films featuring or created by strong, funny women, enchanting, artsy, and headstrong women: all pioneering figures whose cinematic legacies are still riddled with ENG questions. It is a program created out of wonder and curiosity by author and silent film scolar Anke Brouwers and film scolar Kate Saccone.

Compilation of clips from travel and fashion films. Approx 13 minutes

A compilation of clips from beautiful color films from the Eye Filmmuseum in which we encounter several unknown women, vaguely described or not at all. The compilation shows women from various parts of the world, such as France, Japan, Hungary, Croatia and present-day Turkey. Diverse as they are, all the clips prompt the following questions: Where did these women come from? Who were they? What is their story? Why where they filmed?

Alice the firefighter (1926). 9 min.

In this animated short, a live action Alice (Margie Gay) is a firefighter who comes to the rescue when a hotel catches fire. This short was part of Walt Disney’s “Alice Comedies” series, which was distributed by Margaret J. Winkler, who supported numerous animators like Max and Dave Fleischer, Pat Sullivan, and Otto Messmer. After a year of celebrations dedicated to Disney’s centennial, we want to celebrate the woman who gave the ‘struggling artist’ Walt his start with a distribution contract.

The President’s Special (1914). 12 min

American actress Gertrude McCoy saves the day in this thrilling dramatic short produced by the Edison Company. When her railway switchman husband falls asleep at the job, McCoy must take matters into her own hands in the face of impending disaster. Less known than many of her contemporaries, McCoy’s career as an actress and screenwriter deserves attention today.

Filmens Vovehals (1923). 9 min.

This compilation highlights some of the most spectacular stunts performed by the Danish serial queen Emilie Sannom. A stunt performer on and off-screen, Sannom’s sensational career as an actress, screenwriter, and real-life daredevil inspires amazement and awe.

Justitia (1919). 47 min.

In the 1910s the female action star graced cinema screens worldwide. These action stars were the opposite of ‘delicate’ and ‘meek’: they were adventurous, athletic and fearless. ‘Astrea’ was Italy’s favorite strongwoman. In Justitia she plays a mysterious woman selflessly fighting for justice. The film was directed by French comedian Polidor who injects the film with speed and humor.

Bonsoir - La Fée aux fleurs (1906). 1 min.

You are welcomed to the program with this very short film by French film pioneer Alice Guy. A flower fairy creates the word ‘bonsoir’ (‘good evening’) in French in large colorful letters. There is no one better suited to do this as Guy was the world’s first (known) woman director and yet her absolutely original - varied, surprising, versatile - films are still not as widely known as the work of her male contemporaries.