Netherlands Silent Film Festival

12 t/m 15 januari 2023


The Netherlands Silent Film Festival (NSFF) is the biggest film festival in the Netherlands in the field of Silent Film and takes place every January in Pand P and Parktheater Eindhoven.

Both during the festival and throughout the year, the NSFF is committed to making this cinematic heritage accessible through film screenings, educational projects, workshops and lectures. The creativity and innovation that this all earliest form of film possesses deserves to be showcased.

The programming focuses mainly on current developments in the world of silent film, such as recent rediscoveries, restorations and new research results. That's why both audience favorites and hidden gems will play during the festival, all with live musical accompaniment from international, high-quality film musicians.

Be surprised by the stories, the complete experience, the beautiful history and technique of a Silent Film.

THURSDAY 12-01 // 20:30 – 22:00

THE LODGER: a story of the london fog // € 12,50

Long before he created his masterpieces, like VERTIGO, REAR WINDOW and of course PSYCHO, Alfred Hitchcock started his career in silent film. The suspense thriller THE LODGER, A STORY OF LONDON FOG (1927), his directoral debut, is full of the suspense you might expect from a true Hitchcock.

FRIDAY 13-01 // 20:00 – 21:15


This love story was lost for decades, was recently rediscovered in Hattum and can be seen for the first time in the Netherlands exactly 100 years after release. They dream of each other, she also of the stage and he of a career as a writer.

SATURDAY 14-01 // 20:30 – 22:30


The annual tribute to the great slapstick stars of the film. This year BUSTER KEATONS SHERLOCK JR. (1924). In the film, Keaton plays a young film operator who dreams of one day becoming a great detective.